Source: Adobe/vinnstock Tobias Adrian is the Financial Counsellor and Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department; Tara Iyer is an economist in the Global Financial Stability Analysis Division of the same department; and […]
US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Source: A video screenshot, Yotube, CNBC Television The price of bitcoin (BTC) fell slightly along with US stock market futures in the early hours of the US trading session today after US […]
Source: AdobeStock / Alex Contrary to popular belief, the two largest cryptocurrencies bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) could benefit from a tightening of monetary policy from the US Federal Reserve (Fed), Mike McGlone has argued in a new […]
Source: Adobe/ilolab Despite a relatively respectable return for bitcoin (BTC) of about 60% in 2021, shares of not just tech companies, but also of some of America’s largest banks and retailers, have outperformed the original cryptocurrency for the […]
Source: Adobe/Xiongmao Markets ranging from global technology stocks to crypto took a major hit over the past day, after a release of minutes from the last US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting revealed a more hawkish stance than the […]
Source: iStock/zodebala The US-based publicly traded blockchain infrastructure and analytics company BTCS has announced it will offer dividends payable in bitcoin (BTC) to its shareholders, apparently becoming the world’s first public company to do so. According to an […]
Source: AdobeStock / JorgeEduardo The US-based business software firm MicroStrategy announced that they have spent another USD 94m on bitcoin (BTC) to hold on its balance sheet, bringing the company’s total holding to BTC 124,391 (USD 5.9bn). As […]
Source: AdobeStock / Jarretera A newly released presentation has revealed how the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has learned about pump and dump activities in the crypto market, and how the same schemes have spilled over to […]
Source: Adobe/Wirestock The price of bitcoin (BTC) and US stock futures are largely unmoved today after the expected news broke that Chinese property development giant Evergrande for the first time has failed to pay off a US dollar-denominated […]
CryptoBirb (on the left) and Matt Zahab, the host of the Cryptonews Podcast.Popular crypto trader, certified technical analyst and founder of trading group The Birb Nest, CryptoBirb (Adrian Zduńczyk), expects the crypto bull market to continue for another […]